Super Kernal Basmati Brown Rice

Super kernel Basmati Brown Rice is the finest quality rice produced from Super Paddy of the Punjab region of Pakistan. The dried up paddy is passed through the pneumatic rubber rollers to seperate from its peel i.e. husk. Super kernel brown rice is known for its aroma and fragrance all over the world.

Specification Of Super Kernel Basmati Brown Rice
Product Name: Super Kernel Basmati Brown Rice
Quality Of Super Kernel Basmati Brown Rice 
Milling GradeColor Sortexed
BrokenMax 2.0 %
Other VarietiesMax 5.0 %
Damaged, Shriveled & YellowMax 1.5 %
Chalky Grains3.0 %
Foreign GrainsMax 0.2 %
Paddy GrainsMax 0.2 %
Under Milled & Red StripedMax 2.0 %
Moisture ContentMax 13.0 %
Average Grain LengthMax  7.40 mm
Foreign MatterMax 0.1 %

Storage: Store in a cool dry place protected from light
Shelf Life: 3 years when it opened from its original sealed packing.
Packing: 1Kg – 50Kgs Cotton/Jute/PP Bags