We’ve evolved as a renowned producer, marketer and exporter of Pakistani fruit and vegetable direct from farms and we are associate with more than 300 trained farmers. The company has been working successfully in the field since 2020 and has received a special position for its fresh fruits supplies & Exporter at a reasonable price. With great infrastructure and trained professionals, the company is always aimed to provide complete satisfaction to their clients.

The Organic Foods, which is named among the giant Pakistani mango, grapes, Pakistani pomegranate exporter and many more fruits, has received special certification for its quality.

We deals in following types of Mangoes and name & details are as follows:


The Chausa or Chaunsa mango of Pakistan is probably one of the worlds’ top varieties available. It is an exceptionally sweet mango with a wonderful fragrance and delicious soft, succulent flesh with only the minimum of fiber. We lead the Pakistan Chaunsa mango export market as suppliers of Chausa mango and fresh and quality Chausa mango exporters.



Leading variety of Sind. Fruit shape ovalish long, size large, skin colour lemon yellow when ripe, pulp colour yellowish cadium, texture fine and firm fibreless, stone medium sized, flavour pleasantly aromatic and taste sweet. We stand top among Pakistan’s Sindhri Mango Suppliers and Sindhri Mango Exporters.



Anwar Ratol is popular due to high flavor and abundant of juice. It is smaller in size, heavy pulp full of juice, skin medium thick, pulp is firm and fibreless, can be cut off in slices, flavor very pleasant and very sweet taste. The season of Anwar Ratol starts from mid of July to August.