• Beautiful appaearance
  • Uniform tuber size
  • High yielding variety


  • Uniform tuber shape and size
  • Good drought tolerance
  • Multiple virus resistances


  • Good drought tolerance
  • Organic and conventional production
  • Late blight resistance in foliage and tuber


  • Excellent skin quality
  • Rather firm cooking
  • Multiple resistances


  • Good heat tolerance
  • Beautiful appearance
  • Multiple virus resistances


  • Good storability
  • Produces large tubers
  • Excellent heat tolerance


  • Good drought tolerance
  • Good tuberisation
  • Good virus resistances


  • Large tubers
  • Beautiful appearance
  • Good virus resistances


  • High yield
  • Good storability
  • Attractive red skin


  • High dry matter content
  • Rather floury
  • Multiple resistances


  • Large tubers
  • Producing high yields
  • High dry matter content


Fresh potato export cultivation is strongly concentrated in Punjab Pakistan. They’re generally eaten boil, bake, or fry and frequently served as a side dish or snacks, also used in Common Potatoes recipe foods and products that include Chips & Snacks, French fries, potato chips, and potato flour. Fresh Cooked potatoes with skin are a good source of many vitamins and minerals, such as potassium and vitamin C.
The vitamin C in potatoes also acts as an excellent antioxidant. This substance can prevent or delay some cell damage types that state by the National Institutes of Health. They may help your indigestion, better heart health, blood pressure, and even slow down cancer growth.
Potatoes are especially good sources of phytonutrients. The Organic Foods is one of the leading exporters of potatoes.


Today, Pakistan is known as one of the most significant countries for potatoes, and our potatoes are overpowering different market sectors because of its outstanding quality, bundling, and lower cost. Here at The Organic Foods, we purchase the best quality, smooth and regular yellow and red skin, long and round mold potatoes from local farmers. We are one of the leading Potato exporting entity in Pakistan.

The Organic Foods, as Potato exporters, has access to a water washing office in Pakistan and advanced washed potato trade in different countries as being the leading exporters. Today because of our potato neatness and look, Potato trades have expanded to radically big numbers. 

We continually flourish to be the best and one of the most prominent Pakistani potato exporters. We purchase different varieties of potatoes in Pakistan.


Mozika is the most well-known Potato kind for trade reasons. It is for quite some time formed and preferred by different wholesalers in general stores and cafés. This way, it can be mold into different dishes and has clean skin. We trade it after washing as it is preferable to export after a good wash.  

The Organic Foods is one of the leading fresh Mozika potato exporters in Pakistan. We are presently exporting this Potato to different wholesalers, stores, hypermarkets around the world. 


This Potato is accessible throughout the entire year. We can cultivate it from the field from January. You can also store it for 10 Degrees.

Packaging : 

We normally trade in 7kg and 10kg straightforward packs. We can also provide them with customize packaging as customer desire. 


Sante Potatoe is famous for its long shelf-life. It is proper round shape and is usually prefer by customers who want to make chips out of it. The Organic Foods usually exports it after washing properly as it is very suitable for a water wash.

The Organic Foods is one of the leading producers and exporter of Santa Potato Variety and is currently exporting this Potato to various supermarkets, hypermarkets, and Superstores worldwide. 


Just like other potatoes, this kind is also available throughout the year.


 The packaging is available as per customer requests.